The LBMA Chain of Integrity

ScotiaMocatta is one of the eleven market-making members of the LBMA and operates vaults worldwide. The LBMA has a three-hundred-year reputation as the world's most respected bullion provider. It has established "Good Delivery Rules", which means that, as long as the bullion stays within an LBMA vault, it can be easily resold. If one were to take delivery and move it to a location or vault that the LBMA does not recognize, it would need to be reassayed before resale.

Good Delivery bars are cast by a small group of precious metals bullion refiners accredited by the LBMA in London, the COMEX and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM). They are accurately assayed and guaranteed, and in the case of Gold, always at least 99.5% pure. From the day they are manufactured, Good Delivery bars are kept in recognized bullion vaults that are monitored by the gold dealing community. Whenever the bullion bars are moved, a record is maintained showing continuous storage through qualified hands. This audit trail or Chain of Integrity guarantees the bar's authenticity and becomes key to assuring the liquidity of the precious metal.