Key Benefits

Demand for coins and small bars of Gold and Silver bullion has been rising in recent years as informed individuals act to protect their savings from the effects of currency debasement. But owning bullion has to have more functionality than simply hoarding coins in a safety deposit box. Eventually the savings stored needs to be accessed by selling or exchanging the bullion for products, services or investment. In short Gold needs to circulate in the economy and selling small coins and bars is awkward, costly and difficult to confirm their quality.

The ability to buy and sell Bullion over the Bitcoin Exchange has many benefits:

  1. Investment-Grade Bullion: The highest quality bars cast in large institutional sizes, guaranteed.
  2. Bullion is Ready for Circulation: By owning Gold and Silver bullion through a Bitcoin Exchange, customers can enjoy all the benefits of hard money and have the ability to put that bullion into circulation by simply exchanging it for Bitcoin.
  3. Access to the Wholesale Market: The LBMA is the largest most liquid market for Bullion in the world; each day several Billion dollars worth of bullion is bought and sold. This liquidity is key for Bitcoin Exchanges and their customers to know there is always a market for their bullion.
  4. Cost Effective: Access to the LBMA marketplace means participating in the market where Spot price is established. As well, insured storage is provided at wholesale pricing. There simply is no way to get closer to the institutional market.